4 Great Custom Christmas Cracker Ideas

It is never too early to start planning for Christmas. If you're looking for inspiration when choosing which type of Christmas cracker to lay on the table this Christmas, you have come to the right place. This article will talk you through some of the different customised Christmas crackers available. Read on to find out more.

Miniature drinks measures

Christmas is a time for overindulgence. If you are hosting a Christmas party which will be attended by adults, it is highly likely a good number of them will be toasting the season with an alcoholic drink. You can help your guest put the merry into merry Christmas by providing them with custom made crackers which contain alcoholic miniatures. These types of small measures are typically served on aeroplanes but their compact sizes make them the perfect gift to slip inside a Christmas cracker.

Musical instruments

If you want to celebrate Christmas with a bit of music, why not invest in a pack of musical crackers. Each piece contains a small whistle which has a number on the side. Each whistle produces a certain pitch when blown and so by blowing each one in a particular order, you can produce a pleasing melody. Each whistle comes supplied with easy-to-read sheet music which lets each person know when it is time to blow their whistle.

Party balloons

This type of cracker is great if you are planning a Christmas party for kids. Each piece contains a coloured party balloon and instructions on how to bend and tie the inflated balloon so you can turn each balloon into a fun shape such as an animal and Christmas character or an object such as a sword, gun, or hat.

Christmas puzzle

Finally, what better way to bring the whole family together at Christmas than a puzzle? Each cracker contains several pieces of a jigsaw. The great thing about this is that no matter who wins when the pulling is over, everyone can join in trying to piece together the different parts of the puzzle. For an added bit of excitement, you can also order a puzzle which features a personalised image which will be uncovered when the jigsaw is completed.

If you want additional tips on what to put in Christmas crackers, click for more. Or, reach out to a Christmas cracker supplier. A member of the team will be happy to offer you further help and assistance.